The word biltong comes from the Dutch word bil, meaning "rump" and the word tong meaning "strip" or "tongue". Biltong as we know this delicacy today, is a rich inheritance from pioneering South African forefathers who sun dried meat during their trek across the African Subcontinent.

The Biltong Clan was established in 2016 with a vision to produce the finest quality biltong in South Africa.


We are a family run manufacturer based in the Western Cape, providing the best biltong direct to the public, retail outlets, conventions, festivals, corporate events, concerts and more.


At The Biltong Clan our customers are our highest priority and we strive to provide excellent service to match our superior quality and consistency of products.

We pride ourselves in making superior quality biltong using only the finest cuts of silverside beef and game. All our products are slow dried the traditional way - using only air! No heat is used in any of our processes.


With the development of our own Biltong Clan spices, we are able to provide a product which is unique to ourselves and true to our vision.


All our beef products are made with pure beef – no heart, liver, lungs, soya or pork is used in any mixture, droëwors or sticks.

Biltong is low in calories, high in protein and contains little to no carbs, making it the ideal snack for the entire family. So whether you are banting, trying to get that summer body ready or just looking for a great snack - biltong is always the answer!

For some great recipes using biltong, follow us on social media or keep an eye on our website, we add more delicious recipes every week!



Mon - Fri:                                 8am-5pm
Sat:                                           8am-2pm
Sun & Public Holidays:           Closed



Our favourite tried and tested recipes using biltong.  We are sure you will enjoy them as much as we do!

More to be added soon.....


Burpark, Shop 3

17 Montague Dr
Cape Town, 7441
South Africa


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